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Did you know that there are millions of Americans that opt to get their high school diploma online or go for an online GED? Hassle free online high schools started appearing in the mid 90s as students, both teenage and adult, were looking for a kind of home school online. Since then the list of online high schools has been growing steadily. These schools were originally intended for individuals who have a busy life or disability that prevents them from attending a traditional high school the opportunity to get access to an online high school diploma or to get their GED online. But now, online high school GED programs are used for many different reasons such as supplementing home schooling classes or to make up for lost class time in a traditional high school. Many adults are also taking this opportunity to have access to GED practice tests in order to prepare them for the GED test. At our school, we take any and everyone no matter what your goals or reasons are for wanting access to hassle free online high school courses.

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High School Diploma

As a fully accredited high school by the NCA CASI and AdvancED and full recognition by the U.S. Department of education, we are able to offer online high school diplomas to those students who wish to enroll in our program. We offer online high school classes that are designed for grades 6-12 so we are able to take our students from middle school all the way up to their high school graduation and help them get into college. There are some adults who never completed high school that choose to take advantage of our trouble free high school diploma as well. With an online high school diploma from our school you will be able to apply for a four year college and be immediately eligible for highly paid jobs in certain sectors in the American workforce.


We understand that there are many adults who didn't graduate high school. Students that come to us have found that without a high school or equivalent degree, they aren't able to find good jobs and get a stable income. By passing the General Educational Development test, or GED test, they will be automatically eligible for new higher paying jobs and opportunities. We offer our students a second chance and the ability to get GED online free of any stress or time restrictions. Our GED prep courses are tailored specifically to the GED test and are designed to help you pass with flying colors.

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Earn a general High School diploma (24 credits) in only 3 years. Earn a High School diploma with emphasis on College prep (28 credits) in only 3.5 years. Get fully prepare for your online GED test in only a few weeks or months.

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At Excel Online High School we offer a wide range of payment plans to our students. Because we are technically a private high school we cannot offer our online high school for free. So if you're looking to get my GED online for free, you will be hard pressed to find any prep school that will give you the preparation you need to pass you GED test with flying colors. But with our flexible payment plans and extremely affordable tuition, it will seem like you are going to a free high school online or free GED online anyway. Because we operate online, we are a much more affordable option that traditional brick and mortar schools that have to maintain facilities, a large staff and maintain school grounds. Because we don't have to worry about these costs, we can offer all the courses available to you for an extremely affordable rate. For more information about tuition see the contact page

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"I was in a dead end job that I hated. I applied for this other job that I loved but needed a GED in order to get it. I head about Excel, did some training and got my GED in no time!"
- Laurie Pudi

"We had to move to a new city because of my job, and I hated all the high schools. So I sent my son to Excel and he's now in his second year at LSU!"
- Jeff Nadir

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